Helping Herbs board

The charity organisation Helping Herbs was founded on June 11th 2023. It’s a registered charity no. 640723-0410 in accordance with Icelandic law no. 119/2019. The work by board members is voluntary and Anna Rósa receives no wages from the organisation when working in Kurdistan Iraq.

Anna Rósa Róbertsdóttir
Anna Rósa RóbertsdóttirChairman of the Board
Anna Rósa is a clinical herbalist, CEO, author and an international lecturer. Her products are over a hundred, all made manually. She handpicks all her herbs in the wilderness of Iceland. Anna Rósa channels profit from all her products into Helping Herbs.
Hjörleifur Sveinbjörnsson
Hjörleifur SveinbjörnssonCo-director of the Board
Hjörleifur is a jack of many trades. He studied Chinese and Chinese literature at Peking University and has subsequently published a couple of books related to China. Hjörleifur prefers the outdoors to being hemmed in by four walls.
Ingibjörg Birna Ólafsdóttir
Ingibjörg Birna ÓlafsdóttirTreasurer
Ingibjörg Birna roots for the well-being of people as well as for positive psychology. She holds master degrees in economics and human resource management, in both focusing on researches on well-being. Ingibjörg Birna is actively promoting philantrophic work, in Iceland as well as in Africa.

Advisory board

David Cabrera
David CabreraMusician and producer
David is a Grammy award winning and Emmy nominated musical director in the Latin music industry. He is also a meditation and martial arts teacher. David comes from a long lineage of Afro Cuban abolitionists who have devoted their lives to equality and liberation for all people of color in Cuba.
Melissa Ronaldson
Melissa RonaldsonMedical herbalist
Melissa founded the the UK Herbalist Without Borders Calais Campaign creating a mobile clinic delivering first aid, self care support and acute herbal medicine to refugee communities in Northern France.

We empower women in refugee camps

A clinical herbalist teaches women in refugee camps in Kurdistan Iraq how to make herbal products.